• Building
    Building Waterproof sealing of building doors and Windows and telescopic gap
  • Automobile
    Automobile Automobile cargo van, container van body middle and side seams,load base plate welding cracks...
  • Container
    Container Waterproof sealing of container, passenger car, ship etc
  • Steel
    Steel Waterproof sealing of steel structure engineering and steel roof, color steel plate connecting
  • Mechanics
    Mechanics All kinds of mechanical operations and the need for a variety of waterproof sealing parts etc.
  • Paper tube packaging
    Paper tube packaging Customized according to customer requirements
Credit(Henan) Sealing Material Co.,Ltd was founded in 2,000.Located in HeNan Mengzhuang Industrial Zone,which has good transport facility and graceful environment.lt is China' s earlier professional enterprise producing butyl sealant for insulating glass and butyl waterproof caulking sealant.
With strong technical force,well-equipment production facility and strict management team,our company' s good faith series products are the most professional on production capacity and quality.After research and development for many years,laborious technicist has developed: colorized butyl sealant, waterproof caulking sealant special for ships,containers and steel structure, construction and decoration, all-purpose sealant and neoprene sealant and so on.At present,our products has exported to Western Europe, America, Middle East and Southeast Asia and other countries.Our hospitable people sincerely welcome industry leaders,friends and good sealers everywhere to come to our company to be a guest,to visit,guide and join.Customer' s satisfaction is our promise forever.
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